What is Spiffy Learning?! Introducing Spiffy's online Tutorial platform

In this post, we will introduce the Spiffy Learn platform, or Spiffy in short. Spiffy is an online platform for providing online services. Currently (early 2023) we offer two main services. The first is online classes and the second is help in academic or work projects.


What classes are there in Spiffy Learn?

Our classes have no restrictions on the subject. Currently teaching various languages such as French, Farsi, English, teaching arts such as watercolor painting, various Iranian musical instruments, teaching sports such as chess or yoga, teaching mathematics, physics, science and programming for children and We have the adults.


How is the teacher selection mechanism?

You can see the list of teachers on Spiffy website. Teachers are categorized according to their subjects and lessons. Also, teachers have been recommended by students before you. However, you can request an introduction meeting with any teacher you want for free and talk with the teacher online and video. After the introduction session, if you wish, you can register for classes through the website.


Are there specific online classes for a certain age range?

No, we don't have age restrictions at Spiffy. A teacher may specify the age range for the students he accepts. But at Spiffy, we try to have teachers for every age group, including children and adults.


How are spiffy teachers selected?

The selection of teachers in Spiffy Learning is done with great care and obsession. Most of the spiffy teachers are selected from universities such as Sharif University of Technology, Tehran University, Amir Kabir University and other top universities. Also, in Spiffy, we have a mechanism for rating teachers so that students can read other people's opinions about each teacher and make a decision about choosing a teacher more easily.


What is the advantage of Spiffy Learning compared to other online platforms?

A set of advantages in iFiFi has made many Iranians abroad to have a great desire to use Spiffy services. Some of these advantages are:

Selected teachers with the highest quality, especially for teaching Persian speakers who are not in Iran.

Possibility of holding a free introductory session before registration.

Very affordable prices (starting from 4 dollars!) and in contrast to the very high quality of the classes.

Payment portal in full dollars and without problems.

Possibility of refund if you are not satisfied with the class.

Very high flexibility in determining the time of classes

Broad topics of online classes


How is the payment of expenses in Spiffy? Does Spiffy have a discount?

The payment of classes in Spiffy is completely in dollars. We try to keep the prices as low as possible in Spiffy, however, if the number of your registration sessions is more than 20, yes, you will get a discount!


What kind of projects can be done in Spiffy?

This section has recently been launched in Spiffy based on the requests we have received from you. This section has been launched with the aim of accepting your projects and having them done by the professionals who are completing them. Doing your projects on this platform can be done at a much, much lower price than doing it in countries like America or Canada. Also, we have great sensitivity to choose experts in this department so that we can provide the best quality. Projects such as designing and building all kinds of sites, data analysis and database design, designing and building all kinds of mobile applications (Android and iOS) are among the projects that are currently underway. This can be done by the specialists of this department.