I have been coming to Toronto for about eight years. In these eight years, I constantly needed various trainings that I did not have access to here. Training that has an affordable price despite the high quality! I completed undergraduate and graduate courses at Sharif University. When I got acquainted with Spiffy collection and saw that most of the teachers are from Sharif University and other top universities, I felt very good! It was like I was back home! Or that the house had come here!!

Happy and happy, I enrolled the children in the programming class and I took the Setaar class myself! I can't believe that I'm sitting in Toronto and learning Setaar! Now the children are learning Farsi and mastering programming much more than their classmates here and insisting that I enroll them in music class! Classes are online and teachers have very flexible hours. I don't waste my time going to and from classes.

At first I thought the online class was useless! But now my opinion has completely changed. The payment process was better for me if it was in dollars and it was like that. The Spiffy collection is a group of real experts, many of whom are my university friends. I recommend everyone to use Spiffy Learn. If you are not satisfied, they will even refund the cost! What is better than this?!