Is programming training (coding or programming) necessary for children?


In today's world, we all face different issues in our lives moment by moment. Problem solving is one of the most important and key skills that should be taught to children from childhood. One of the importance of programming or coding for children is that it helps them to solve problems. They can analyze and analyze issues in a logical way. See different ways to solve a problem. See creativity in solving problems and be able to use it in other problems! For this reason, in the past years, coding has become more serious in schools, and children are introduced to coding almost from the very beginning of their entry into school.

But should all children of every age and every type of unique characteristics use a specific programming language or should they choose their own appropriate language? In general, the answer is yes, children should choose their own appropriate language! For example, if a person chooses an inappropriate language at the beginning of his learning path, he may be discouraged from coding in general because of this wrong choice! In next article, we explained how to choose a suitable language for our children. let's do You can also request a free introduction session from the teachers of our programming section and choose the right language. Consult for your children.

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