Don't rush! First, see what programming language is suitable for children?

Nowadays, learning programming has become one of the most important skills that children should learn very soon! The ability to solve problems and the ability to face problems and creative thinking is one of the main results of programming. (Read this article for more information) But don't rush! Maybe you have heard from your friend or colleague that C++ language is very good! It has high performance! Python is great, you can do anything with it! No, these are not good, Java is good! Who says Java is good, now you should go to new languages like go and dart! Can a 7-year-old learn C Plus Plus?! So what then?

Be careful; Although it seems simple, if we make a mistake in choosing the right language for children, the result will be almost irreparable! Because children's mentality is formed very soon about the things they see. For example, a child who starts learning Java and then has 5 sessions, it is very difficult and he does not understand the material, he is completely lost in programming! You must have seen similar cases. In general, we should use simpler languages to start programming. For example, scratch is a better option for a 7-year-old child. Depending on the student's level, we may switch to more advanced languages such as Python or JavaScript. Or maybe someone wants to go into the field of web design or game design. But this is the teacher's art and the teacher must recognize it. It cannot be said that this process happens at a specific time for all children! A child may be suitable for Python at the age of 8, but another child at the age of 10 may be ready enough. So we should not force children to learn a certain language. Instead, we should identify which language is suitable for them and support them in this field so that they can follow this path without getting bored.

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